Sharing a knowledge of 25 years of experience in Hospitality Management

Interim Management

Perhaps you have an unfilled position in your organization, a pending reorganization, or you just need help from a senior-level experienced advisor to consult you for a defined period of time. Or, maybe you need assistance and guidance on an ongoing basis, but not full-time; SHN can assist you to manage change or transition. 

You may need more time to find your ideal hotel manager following an unexpected resignation, or need temporary assistance during a change of generation or you are just facing a lack of leadership issue.   

SHN can assist investors or owners who may want to improve performance quickly and maximize their opportunity to sell a high-performing hotel or just manage a short-term crisis by taking over any assignment.  

Interim Management Approach: Entry, Diagnosis, Proposal, Implementation, Exit.

Organizational Structure

Our organizational structure system outlines how certain activities are directed in order to achieve the goals of your organization. These activities can include rules, roles, and responsibilities. The organizational structure also determines how information flows between levels within your company. Having the correct organizational structure in place allows your company teams to communicate with efficiency and remain focused to the target.

Step 1: Set strategic priorities in the design of the organization by applying DMAIC methodology. 

Step 2: Align the functional structure of the organization by Designing or Redesigning the Organizational Chart. 

Step 3: Introduce governance mechanisms which are the policies, guidelines and controls to manage the organization and reduce inefficiencies.

Executive Search

We provide specialized recruitment services aimed at attracting highly skilled management talents, to fill strategically important roles for your organization, from Top, Middle & Lower-Level Management to highly specialized or skilled positions for which there is strong competition in the job market. 

Experienced in the Hospitality industry for over 25 years we can ensure that you hire managers that are not only competent at the job but also fit with your culture in order to become good brand ambassadors.  

By listening and understanding your strategy and culture, we can develop close, effective and long-term working partnerships to ensure full knowledge of your search requirements, help you find the best talent and build successful teams. Our SHN Assessment is the perfect opportunity to determine if a candidate is the right fit for you. 

Our support goes far beyond candidate placement; once hired, we can assist further with candidate’s onboarding & integration focusing on the transition of the new leader.

Leadership Transition & Integration

The appointment of any leader to a new role is critical, regardless of whether he or she is an internal or external hire and especially when we are facing an industry-wide shortage of qualified managers. Therefore, many companies are forced to reward internally or hire externally in management or supervisory positions, individuals which are actually not prepared to succeed in that role. 

Stakeholders expect new leaders to deliver results very quickly after beginning their roles. 

However, who will focus exclusively on helping them develop new skills required to adjust to their new roles? 

Who will help them understand the current company culture, build trust in his or her team and work closely with these leaders in order to make a great impact to the organization? 

We aim to mentor your hospitality professionals to achieve their full potential. Check out our Hospitality Mentorship Program services.   

By sharing our team’s knowledge of more than 25 years of experience in Hospitality Management, and by applying our Leadership Integration Process, we can help you identify your needs, develop and refine an integration & development plan, and then we continuously support the implementation.

Non-Executive Directorship (NED)

We have deep experience in the hospitality industry and can offer objective and constructive advice to the executive management team on a broad range of business situations.

We act as independent advisors to provide companies with support, deliver strategic guidance, offer specialist advice and hold management to account.

SHN independent NED can bring an invaluable level of objectivity to the workings of the board. This is particularly useful in the context of family business where family ties can make impartial business decisions harder to make. Succession planning is a key concern for family businesses and an independent NED can give companies greater comfort that decisions are being taken fairly and objectively. An important function of our NED services is to hold the executive directors to account thereby helping to ensure that family member directors take decisions in the best interest of the company and not in the family interest. Bringing in a NED with different expertise and experience, as well as new contacts, can make the board and the company better-rounded, connected and ultimately more productive. 

Owner’s Representation

Our high level of trust that we have earned through professionalism and proven success, allow us to perform a primary and key independent role of protecting the interests of the owner and his business. We focus on ensuring that the owner’s objectives are being met and their property is well safeguarded. We take care of all the important factors with our regular site visits and spot checks maintaining complete control and coordination, ensuring all services level agreements are in compliance.

We can turn your hotel around and increase your ROI, focusing on the unique selling points of your property and developing a customized and creative strategic hotel advice plan, to increase the revenue generation power of your hotel.

Hospitality Investments

If you are looking for opportunities to acquire or invest in hotels, resorts, residences, restaurants or exclusive properties, including unique private apartments and estates in exceptional locations or places we might have the perfect solution for you.
If you are looking to sell hospitality real estate, we might be able to introduce you to the right investors.
Your information will be handled confidentially.

Operator Search

With extensive experience in Hotel Management, we analyse what hotel brand fits with your property and brings the required added value to you as investor and owner. SHN offers a professional search and suggestion, by identifying and evaluating what fits best to your needs and understanding your respective strengths and weaknesses. Then we align hotel owners and operator’s goals and provide support during the agreement process.

Franchise Consulting

Our franchise consulting services are focused on independent operators and businesses looking to expand, or Set-Franchise Standards which will help them to develop and scale a business for the long-term. This service is also ideal for companies who are already franchising, but need assistance with consistency of quality.  

We help clients structure a franchise strategy and develop systems based on international standards which will achieve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, trust and allow business owners to improve their work-life balance. Our advisory and consultation services include among others; evaluating your existing or future business opportunities, suggest a Strategic Planning for Growth, Franchise Operations, Franchise Marketing Strategies, Brand Standards Creation, Best Practices, and Controlling Systems.

Pre-Opening Support

SHN applying a hands-on approach, can help you with pre-opening or re-opening operational support including, pre-opening plan, consultation for concept development and sales & marketing, revenue strategies, food & beverage, financial & budgeting, procurement, human resources & recruiting, hotel management trainings, procedures, manuals, operational standards, project management and tailored-made services.

Start-Up Advisory

We have deep experience in the industry and can offer objective and constructive advice to the executive management team on a broad range of business situations.

We advise start-ups on overall business planning from strategic planning to business development and tactical implementations.

Tailored-Made Services

We provide tailored Hospitality Consulting Services aimed to assist organizations, independent hoteliers, property managers, boutique owners, and investors with customized solutions to address their specific challenges.