NEO Management™

Non-Executive Office™ Management Support – A New Way of Thinking

We act as your Head Office by supporting you with Leading Trusted Advisory Services in all sectors according to your needs. We deliver Hands-on operational management assistance, dedicated to Practical Innovation and Transformational Leadership.

SHN provides oversight, support, coaching and problem-solving necessary to ensure your property is performing at the highest level, and remains strong across all departments driven to serve your guests, associates and stakeholders with an outstanding experience.

NEO Management specialises in professionally providing management services for hotels, focusing on high levels of efficiency with the ultimate aim of creating a high brand value of the owners. This results in increasing the asset value of the Hotel Company or property.

Hotel Performance Analysis

The Hotel Performance Analysis is an evaluation of how your business performs which identifies issues and opportunities, makes proposals as to the best course of action, and suggests specific strategies to improve financial performance and operational efficiencies.

Performance Analysis builds on pillars of Innovation, Process, Quality, Guest, Revenue, Employee, provides the most appropriate levels of quality and service and recommends an implementation plan to transform your business and sustain a continuous improvement culture.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Applying a Total Quality Management system in order to increase quality of products and services, customer satisfaction, market strength, reduce business costs, increase profits, employee satisfaction, improve management quality, improve reputation and reliability, and provide High-end customer services. TQM starts with prioritizing on most important issues that will bring immediate results and the implementation is based on an adjusted Hospitality Innovative Six Sigma approach.

Revenue Growth

With extensive experience in Hospitality Management, we can identify the opportunities of your business to achieve revenue growth and help you follow a personalized strategic sales plan which will ensure your success. Our strategies are not static and often blended depending on the properties’ priorities and current market conditions. Applying a Total Revenue Management (TRM) we define your sales & marketing presence in domestic and international markets, collaborations with tour operators and online distribution channels and we analyse all revenue sources of your hotel from rooms to restaurants, bars, spa and every single hotel income stream. Then we advise you how to optimize your revenue and uncover your potential. 

Financial & Business Analysis

We can evaluate your business financial projects, budgets, forecasts, profit & loss statements, food cost analysis and CapEx planning, to determine their performance, identify operational inefficiencies, detect opportunities and present comprehensive suggestions for sustainability.

Procedures’ Control

To maintain quality and consistency of services and standards, operating procedures must be followed. We will provide consultation and assistance in order to ensure the organization of operational departments and sustainability.

Project Coordination

We provide assistance and advice working closely with your project manager in order to achieve goals of a project. We share our knowledge and experience mentoring your teams in all phases of the project from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring – Controlling and Closing the project.

Workforce Management – HR

SHN workforce strategic planning can help owners and operators to resolve any human resources challenges, and develop a positive work environment by improving the processes, systems and HR culture of the organization. At the same time, we suggest a streamline system to drive productivity in alignment with shifts, to reflect guests’ demands, and desired payroll cost.

Executive-Level Interview

SHN assists with Executive & Management level Interview participation and consultancy, applying an analysis and evaluation of information obtained based on 25 years of hospitality management experience.

The hotel recruitment process is critical and plays a key role in the services offered, the guests’ experience and profitability. The smooth operation of your hotel depends on the right mentality, skills, character, and training of the Executive and Management team selected.

Hybrid Availability & Support

We provide personalized advisory assistance with a combination of remote and physical presence. Remember, we are trusted advisors of your head office or the head office support you never had. Have the confidence and peace of mind as our Expertise is there when and if needed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your current profits?
  • Are you satisfied with every revenue department?
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of your current teams?
  • Are you in full control of your daily operations and you are not stressed?
  • If your Organization Board has an innovative mindset, someone is helping you to transfer it to the bottom line?

If your answer is ‘’No’’ or even ‘’Not Sure’’ to any of the above questions, you may want to consider allowing SHN to perform a Hotel Performance Analysis on your property. You always have an expert to talk to!