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Elevate your hospitality management skills with this learning path. Begin by learning all about leadership approaches to get the best out of your team, before focusing on operational practices that will ensure you offer guests service excellence.

Hospitality Management workshops will equip you with the skills and techniques to motivate, develop, and retain the people at the heart of hospitality – the team members. Get ready to go from good manager to great manager.

Managing resources and costs are crucial for any hotel’s success. In these Swiss Hospitality Neo Academy workshops, you will learn how to lead operations by effectively managing resources and costs.

A Variety of more than 150 Programs, Courses, Seminars & Workshops, developed by Swiss Hospitality Neo, which can be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

Impact where it matters most:

  • Manage human resources effectively!
  • Manage general resources effectively!
  • Control expenses to maximize financial efficiency!
  • Execute and manage consistent quality checking!

Hospitality Excellence Operational Trainings

With the Manager Management workshop, you will be able to provide the skills, guidance, and empowerment to your team of managers. They will then be better suited to leading and motivating their team and thus produce fantastic results. To be a successful manager means having a wide range of skills. Through this workshop you will be able to disperse your knowledge and experience throughout your leadership team.

The practice of time management requires focus and conscious planning to help win back control of your busy day, and conquer financial goals. Challenges are often presented in the workplace, which can affect our ability to make optimal use of our time. However, with the help of prioritization, goal-setting, and appropriate organization of the mind and space around us, we are able to overcome time management barriers.

According to, a website that provides workplace resources for employees, employers, managers and small business owners, the definition of workplace bullying is “repeated and unreasonable behavior directed toward an employee or group of employees that creates a risk to health and safety.” This type of harmful behavior in the workplace many times goes unreported, mainly because of it’s shameful, intimidating effect on the victimized employee.

So many of these horrible incidents don’t come to light because the employee who is being bullied is working a lower-level position, and are probably being bullied by someone that does the hiring and firing at that company.

But, it’s not always a boss or manager who is doing the bullying, and it can very well be a co-worker on the same level and/or pay grade as the person who’s feeling victimized.

Employee onboarding is an important and vital part of any company’s hiring procedure. Hiring, training, and bringing new employees on board costs a lot of money and are major investments. Onboarding is a secure investment that will assist newly hired employees in developing and keeping their skills, knowledge, and value within the company.

A proper onboarding process could help a company maintain its highly skilled workers, and lessen the risk of them being lured by other companies.

Workplace harassment. A growing problem in Hospitality. Oh, you may say, “not in my office,” or “not our team,” but workplace harassment is an increasing issue in many organizations today. It can come in the form of a slap, a phrase, an email, or reassignment of duties. Harassment is not okay and it is illegal. Harassment needs to be reported so that the company can handle the issue properly and remediate any future problems.

Millennial Onboarding is a specialized type of employee onboarding. With Millennials, we are seeing a need to tweak the onboarding process to better suit the needs of the company and new hires. It will increase productivity and produce a happier and more skilled workforce. The new hire phase is a critical time for the employee and the company; having a structured procedure will make this time run smoother and produce a greater chance of success.

Coaching and Mentoring focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and Goal setting. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them, and strategic goal setting.

The Employee Motivation workshop will give participants several tools to become a great motivator, including goal setting and influencing skills. Participants will also learn about five of the most popular motivational models, and how to bring them together to create a custom program.

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership And Influence, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding.

Performance Management is making sure the employee and the organization they are employed by are focused on the same priorities. Performance Management within an organization improves production and reduces waste. It helps the employee set and meet goals and improves the employee/manager relationship. The key to keeping an organization and employee aligned; improving performance and productivity, is through Performance Management.

With our “Self-Leadership” workshop, your participants will discover the specifics of how to be a better leader for themselves and for others. Your participants will be able to guide themselves in positive ways and achieve personal success!

The Supervising Others workshop will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient, with information on delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict, and administering discipline.

With our Team Building For Managers workshop, your participants will learn how important team building is and how beneficial it can be. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on teamwork, and become a valuable member to any team they are placed in. Follow the information in this workshop and create a positive atmosphere within your company with the use of teams.

By focusing on the group’s chemistry as you build the team, you will increase the chance of avoiding pitfalls and will develop a sense of unity among your coworkers. With our “Team Building Through Chemistry” workshop, your participants will discover the specifics of how building a team through chemistry will lead to success.

A Variety of more than 150 Programs, Courses, Seminars & Workshops, developed by Swiss Hospitality Neo, which can be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

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