Leadership & Organizational Development Program – LODP

A Lean Innovation Process for Hospitality Industry

Leadership & Organizational Development Program LODP helps your leaders expand their capacity to perform and facilitate execution of your organization strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of their teams. It implements practices, systems and techniques that affect organizational change, achieve greater effectiveness, and improve culture.

LODP is a tailor-made program applying agile leadership and a lean six sigma innovation methodology aimed at delivering immediate and positive results to your organization. During the Development Program, your team leaders will be given productive on-the-job coaching, building real projects aiming to improve processes, minimize waste and develop further your organization’s performance.

The Program is designed for groups of leaders up to 28 people and it’s tailored to the needs of the specific group and the environment of their business. LODP may also be cascaded to your broader organization through adjusted smaller programs and projects where your team leaders will control the process acting as Champions.

LODP is co-designed confidentially with you to strengthen your company’s mission, cultural priorities, improve your business processes and performance to solve potentially complex problems. Business transformation can be achieved by introducing a modern Lean Six Sigma Approach dedicated to Practical Innovation and Transformational Leadership.
LODP is a breakthrough intensive three-to five-day program, following an optional three-month Program Integration Process PIP, which achieves unity of efforts between the projects of the program and ensures alignment with your organization.

Leadership & Organizational Development Program LODP

  • Effective leadership and organizational enhancement.
  • Fostering a clear vision for future leadership contribution to the organization.
  • Alignment to organizational mission.
  • Selecting and prioritizing the right improvement projects.
  • Launching and practicing a lean Innovation & six sigma successful processes, designed for Hospitality Industry.
  • The Gemba Workshop.
  • Gaining Acceptance. 
  • Unleashing Teams Potential. 
  • Mobilize Transformation – Thrive.
  • Developing the ability to identify new opportunities for improvement through the use of a design thinking process which focuses on time, money, human capital and guest expectations. 
  • Developing the ability to quickly, and with fewer resources, develop, prototype, learn, validate and improve business solutions and services. 
  • Developing the ability to apply lean processes, which enable teams to reduce waste, make incremental improvements, and overcome barriers to innovation. 
  • Developing Hospitality technical and professional knowledge, personalized to your company needs. 
  • Developing a mentality to understand your organization’s “bigger picture”.
  • Developing ways to build a Guest-Centric Culture for the Hospitality Industry.  
  • Developing a High-Performing Team to exceed expectations.

3-Month Continued Support

The Program Integration Process phase illustrates how people cope with change and how effectively they react to LODP improvement projects. This is where most businesses fail; after every program blindly hoping that doing the same things in the same way magically improves product or service. By providing continued support, we will help you to align systems and structures, reinforce new behaviours and make change sustainable. 

Following the PIP, we may design further development projects for your team which require Champion Supervision in order to be communicated effectively into the organization.

‘’By the end of the program, you will be better equipped with leadership skills and valuable knowledge that will help you to positively influence your teams and steer your organization toward continuous improvement’’

Breakthrough Intensive three-to five-day program, following an optional three-month Program Integration Process.

“Our commitment is to transform Leaders & Organizations to embrace change, adapt to the new normal and operate at their utmost potential.”

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