Hospitality Mentorship Program – HMPM

for Managers

Hospitality Mentorship Program for Managers HMPM is a valuable professional development resource, which focuses on career growth and development for experienced or new hospitality managers, department heads and young leaders wishing to climb the corporate ladder. Program provides mentees with an opportunity to gain feedback about their chosen career paths, and access to mentor’s life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise.

HMPM is an ideal solution for Hoteliers to develop their appointed leaders and especially in our times where shortage of experienced managers forces companies to reward or hire fast individuals which are actually not prepared to succeed in that role. Then stakeholders expect new leaders to deliver results very quickly and without any issues. We aim to help them succeed by adjusting our program based on qualifications of mentee, experience and demand of the job.

By sharing our knowledge of more than 25 years of experience in Hospitality Management, we can help you identify your needs, develop and refine a suitable mentoring plan, and continuously support you.

Do you want to learn and grow in your career faster and smarter? Talk to someone you trust about your goals! Get input from your mentor to make sure your goals are reasonable and ambitious enough! Get mentorship and advice directly from the field of hospitality operations!

For companies and organizations aiming to accelerate the integration of appointed leaders, HMPM can be combined with our <Leadership Transition & Integration> process, where we can help you identify your needs, deploy and refine a 3-Month Integration & Development Plan based on your company culture, and then to continuously support with the implementation.

Please note that mentees must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Hospitality Mentorship Program for Managers HMPM

  • Defining SMART goals for your career development and preparing your plan.
  • Selecting topics aimed at your management level that focuses on your career growth and continuing professional development.
  • Connecting to purpose & building an adaptive culture.
  • Relating your development goal to the organizational goal.
  • Defining your hospitality knowledge, skills and abilities to be developed.
  • Learning about particular sectors required to succeed in your job.
  • Re-Creating your development plan
  • Discussing your progress towards your goals on a monthly basis.
  • Identification of your future high potentials.
  • Preparing you for a new role which requires expanded responsibilities.
  • Defining your realistic aspirations and staying motivated.
  • Applying reverse mentoring ‘put into practice’.
  • Learning ‘soft skills’ such as judgement, influence and executive presence.
  • Building a professional relationship with an industry professional from outside your organisation on a regular basis.
  • Sharing technical, industry, and professional knowledge, personalized to your development needs.
  • Learning how to create and develop a professional network.
  • Talking to your mentor for a professional problem you may have.
  • Discovering how to understand your organization’s “bigger picture” and where you fit, both now and in the future.
  • Better understanding hospitality employers’ expectations for their managers.

3-Month Integration & Development Plan

This phase applies only to companies & organizations and focuses exclusively on helping mentees to adapt the new skills developed from the above program to their new roles.

  • Working closely with deployed leaders in order to help them successfully apply knowledge, skills and abilities developed within the company and make a great impact to the organization.
  • Practicing adaptive leadership by seeing themselves as a system, understanding their roles and focusing on results.

‘’By the end of the program, you will be able to discover how emotional intelligence (EQ) positively impacts you and those around you and learn how to flex your leadership style to what the moment requires’’

Virtual one-to-one meeting Program taking place each month for a six-month period

‘’Our commitment is to help you equip yourself with skills, competencies, and mindsets needed to help others and succeed on your career goals’’

Get your tailor made program!