Hospitality Excellence Operational Trainings

For Hotel Frontline Teams

Following a Lean Methodology which Develops, Maintains and Improves the Operational Readiness of individuals, teams, departments, and units. It is a process of continuous improvement that helps organizations become more successful by teaching and motivating teams to follow international hospitality standards and build a strong culture.

An enterprise-class scheme for a deskless workforce designed to deliver a more engaging, more effective learning experience for frontline teams and learning managers alike.

Over 250 industry-accredited courses across 14 categories that cover all aspects of hospitality training and more. A Learning Library of over 1,800 lessons.

Impact where it matters most:

  • Elevate employee engagement!
  • Increase guest satisfaction!
  • Unlock operational efficiency!
  • Boost RevPAR!

Hospitality Excellence Operational Trainings

Develop top-notch hospitality managers with Hospitality Management. Dive into the nitty-gritty of managing in today’s competitive job market with time-efficient courses that cover the essential skills needed for success.

Deliver the ultimate onboarding experience with our Hospitality Onboarding learning paths. Curated to lay the groundwork, these learning paths will equip your new recruits with vital skills and confidence needed to hit the ground running.

Luxury and International Hospitality Standards teaches everything your team needs to craft the finest experiences. This learning path will guide your team through a complete immersion in luxury hospitality and international standards, and how to execute consistently at the highest level.

Gear up your Front Office team to craft unforgettable guest moments from start to finish and every touch-point in between. Polish your team’s people skills with training on communication and dealing with complaints, Level up front office expertise with accounting basics, Boost sales and save energy, all while treating your guests to a memorable experience.

Thanks to SHN expertise, your Housekeeping team will be armed with the ultimate cleaning skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform any space into a pristine and hygienic sanctuary. Rev up the team’s on-the-job energy and know-how with engaging, fit-for-purpose content, Maintain your guests’ safety – and their happiness, Keep your establishment’s reputation sparkling.

Empower your team with the know-how to impress your guests every time, boosting brand love and sales. This comprehensive category equips associates with expertise that will elevate your establishment experience and offering. Provide your team with a solid foundation in hospitality that champions service excellence, Unleash your team’s full service potential with a combination of hard and soft skill training, Train on tricks of the trade, proven practices, and clever upselling methods.

Get ready to elevate sales in your most profitable department. How? With an A-team that knows the ins and outs of top-notch service, upselling and crafting crowd-pleasing drinks – whilst flaunting the ultimate product know-how. Catapult your team’s daily output to the next level by building advanced expertise from within, Learning Paths provide focussed learning journeys for various experience levels, Soft skills, hard skills and upselling techniques delivers share worthy guest experiences.

Elevate your team’s ability to deliver exceptional events and maximize profits with a category dedicated to event planning and operations. Learning paths deliver laserfocused training for event planners and operations, Maintain the delivery of profitable, stellar events.

Empower your kitchen crew with expert hospitality skills and culinary mastery to dish up mouthwatering meals, day after day. Build consistency and excellence amongst your teams based on the Fundamental Sciences of Culinary Measures, Weights, Yields and Ratios.

The hotel industry is increasingly prioritizing wellness, but sometimes training just doesn’t stretch far enough to cover spa associates. That’s where Spa Professional steps in. Trainings that empower managers and associates with the knowledge and resources needed to elevate their spa.

Inspire your team with the awareness and tools to make a difference. Designed for big impact, our Sustainability category continues to evolve, raising awareness and empowering your team to take action towards a greener future. Turn small actions into big change. Respond to guest expectations for better sustainability within hospitality.

Let’s build a safe and secure environment for everyone. Empower your team to champion a culture of safety and make your establishment a place where every team member and guest can thrive.

Over 250 industry-accredited courses across 14 categories that cover all aspects of hospitality training and more.

“Our Commitment is to help you Attract, Develop and Retain Top Talents & Improve your Hotel Performance.”

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