Swiss Hospitality Neo: Redefining Hospitality Management

We provide a rigorous and structured approach to help Hospitality and relevant Service Industries, manage and improve quality and performance, and to solve potentially complex problems. Using SHN Methodology, a business can strategize its plan of action and drive revenue increase, cost reduction and process improvements in all parts of the organization. Business Transformation is achieved by introducing a modern and adjustable strategy based on Lean & Six Sigma approaches.

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NEO Management

Non-Executive Office™ Management Support – A New Way of Thinking

We act as your Head Office by supporting you with Leading Trusted Advisory Services in all sectors according to your needs. We deliver Hands-on operational management assistance, dedicated to Practical Innovation and Transformational Leadership. NEO Management specialises in professionally providing management services for hotels, focusing on high levels of efficiency with the ultimate aim of creating a high brand value of the owners. This results in increasing the asset value of the Hotel Company or property.

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Which Services are you looking for?

  • Interim Management

  • Organizational Structure

  • Executive Search

  • Non-Executive Directorship (NED)

  • Hospitality Investments

  • Operator Search

  • Franchise Consulting

  • Pre-Opening Support

Perhaps you have an unfilled position in your organization, a pending reorganization, or you just need help from a senior-level experienced advisor to consult you for a defined period of time. Or, maybe you need assistance and guidance on an ongoing basis, but not full-time; SHN can assist you to manage change or transition. You may need more time to find your ideal hotel manager following an unexpected resignation, or need temporary assistance during a change of generation or you are just facing a lack of leadership issue.

Our Academy

Leadership & Organizational Development

Leadership & Organizational Development

More About Development Programs

Hospitality Training & Mentorship

Hospitality Training & Mentorship

More About the Academy

Development Programs help your leaders expand their capacity to perform and facilitate execution of your organization strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of their teams. Implement practices, systems and techniques that affect organizational change, achieve greater effectiveness, and improve culture.

During the Tailor-made Development Programs, your team leaders will be given productive on-the-job coaching, building real projects aiming to improve processes, minimize waste and develop further your organization’s performance.

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